Pakistan Brain Tumor Epidemiology

Welcome to the Pakistan Brain Tumor Epidemiology Study
Currently, Pakistan does not have a nationwide database to maintain information on brain tumor distribution throughout the country. To strengthen brain tumor care and the health system for brain cancer patients in Pakistan, it is imperative to build a registry on brain tumor epidemiology. The purpose of this registry will be to provide information, at a glance, about the various types of brain tumors in Pakistan. This will help streamline the needs assessment for surgeries, treatments, and other cancer care facilities in the country.

The first step to creating this registry is to collect data within a limited time frame of brain tumor prevalence in Pakistan, to show what the distribution of brain tumors in the country currently is. Initially, brain tumor data will be collected retrospectively over the course of one year: January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019. Data will be collected from hospitals with neurosurgical capacity in Pakistan, including centers Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Wah, Islamabad, Multan, and Hyderabad. This primary phase of data collection in the form of a cross-sectional study will lead to a subsequent Brain Tumor Registry in Pakistan.

How is data being collected?
Participants will be recruited from each of the centers based on diagnosis of radiological data or prior clinical records, and information will be logged via an online questionnaire. Since this is the first registration of brain tumor patients, with a primary aim of calculating prevalence in Pakistan, all patients presenting to the hospitals with a brain tumor will be recruited.

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